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Small Package Delivery

Small Package Delivery

Experience Hanjin¡¯s Delivery Service

In 1992, Hanjin introduced the ¡°small package delivery service¡± for the first time in Korea, which set a turning point for the innovation of public logistics as well as the reduction of enterprise logistics costs. With an innovative vision and full scale investment, Hanjin has continued to expand its nation-wide logistics network comprising 180 terminals, 730 dispatch centers, and 5,300 trucks. We provide high quality delivery service to any domestic destination. Keenly aware of the importance of information system as a core competence, we have been using a state of the art web based information system, ¡°e-Hanex¡±, since 2000, and all the information regarding small package delivery service is transferred in real time to the customer by EDI Messages or the Internet. A broad spectrum of service products can satisfy our customers¡¯ variable requirements such as B2B, B2C, C2C, etc, and are specialized in performing B2C delivery service to the retail business including TV home shopping and e-commerce. You can reserve at a call center accessible anywhere by dialing the telephone number (1588-0011) and accessing the internet homepage (www.hanjin.co.kr), both of which enhance the availability and convenience of our service to a great extent.

Hanjin Express is a pioneer in the small package delivery service in Korea. Our networks, combined with an advanced system guarantee that most small packages will be delivered safely.

Hanjin Express service is distinguished by the following:

Major Services

Delivery across the nation for packages under 30kg and combined height length and width under 160cm.

Plus Express

A personal premium service where goods are picked-up, packaged(if required) and delivered at the time the customer desires.

Biz Plus Express

Goods from companies are delivered at the time they designate.

Valuables Express

Customer¡¯s valuables are safely and securely
picked-up and delivered.

Door-to-Airport Express

For customers who want their baggage delivered safely to and from their door and Incheon International Airport.

Golf Bags Express

Delivers golf bags to customers golfing in foreign countries, on Jeju Island, or within the country(groups only).

Home-to-Dormitory Express

Delivers packages between the home and dormitory safely at a low cost. Useful for students
starting a new term or going on vacation.

Express Dispatch Centers

Customers can deliver their express packages to nearby dispatch centers at the time they desire.