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Hanjin Introduction

Hanjin will continue its efforts to offer the best value to customers.

Since Hanjin’s establishment in 1945, Hanjin, a parent company of Hanjin group, will pioneer new logistics field in Korea such as launching container transportation system, regular ocean express service, and so forth under the spirit of being committing to making Korea the global leader in the international transportation industry.

Hanjin is providing various customized service such as 3PL, Overseas business, Ocean transportation, Stevedoring, International transportation, Express, and heavy cargo transportation, contributing to raising customers’ competiveness by improvement of logistics service quality and decrease in logistics cost.

Besides, Hanjin endeavors to develop the value added logistics service such as ‘eTruck’ service, which is online based trucking information business, ‘eHanEx’, which is global express service based delivery service in order to level up customer’s logistics satisfaction.

Hanjin has been awarded AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) and featherbed Global Logistics Company recently, which can be interpreted that Hanjin’s global networks and logistics know-how got across to internal and external parties.

Hanjin has been enhancing global competency through expanding global networks and phased global investment. Starting from stevedoring service in Long beach and rail transportation service in USA in 1992, Hanjin has established 10 sales offices in NY, Chicago, Dallas, and major logistical areas and 200 cargo drop centers.
Based on the accumulated expertise in USA, Hanjin accelerate setting up nation wide networks, stretching out to China, Japan, South East Asia and Indochina.

Also, Hanjin is establishing global seamless logistics service through introducing state-of-the-art IT system in order to achieve both external growth and internal management. Hanjin is meeting all customer’s expectation, utilizing an IT-based logistics convergence system such as Global Forwarding System that enables Hanjin’s customers cargo to be tracked in real time, SalesForce.com that manages and updates customer’s information and needs, and Hanjin Governance system that monitors Hanjin’s global networks. In addition to these management system, Hanjin has GCMS(Glbal Cash Mangement System), Cargo wise for trucking management, and Tracking system in use in order to strengthening relationships.

Everyone at Hanjin is fully resolved to create customer value, believing in that customer’s success and happiness is the best value to Hanjin. Furthermore, Hanjin will never stop presenting new logistical solution to meet customer’s requirements, and provide distinguished logistics service to the customers through self-renovation.