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Warehouse and 3PL Service

Hanjin provides a superior 3PL and storage service in Eastern and Western America .

With directly operating warehouses in major hubs of USA, Hanjin provides additional services including a storage, delivery, pick up, packing, Labeling and etc.

Products which specialized for customers needs
Classification Details
Store Normal Cargo, inventory management for bonded cargos
Distribution and Processing/
Forwarding freight by each unit container loading/packaging by set unit.
CFS (To LGB), From LA (to Pusan) operation of the LCL Consolidation (1 shipment per week)
Cross Docking Forwarding-Forwarding / Operation of In/Out Bound freight connecting
with Forwarding-international parcel service
Moving to abroad Collection of freight, collection and package of freight for moving to overseas
Warehouse information
Kinds L A N Y
locations 1111 Watson Center Road Unit A Carson, CA 90745 65 Railroad Ave Unit 4 Ridgefield NJ 07657
area Normal district : 50,000 sq.ft. bounded area : 10,000 sq.ft. Normal district : 32,000 sq.ft.
facility Dock(15), Forklift, Rack, Scale Dock(3), Forklift, Rack, Scale